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村から都市に行き、世界に羽ばたき、新しいことを受入れ自分の中の無限の潜在能力を発揮するFSOFTのプログラマーの行く末を象徴するとしてCuderの像はF-Ville 1の後にF-Ville2やF-Ville3にも違う材料を使って建てられました。


FJPのCuderはゴックさんがFSOFTに贈った6番目の像になります。その前に副社長はFPTズイタン、F-Ville 2、F-Ville 3、FPT complex、FTownにCuder像を贈っています。FJPの後は7番目の像がFAMに副社長から贈られます。

Cuder is the symbol of FSOFT Developer

Cuder is an abbreviation for Cucumber (Internal newspaper of FPT Software) and Coder (Developer). The image of Cuder first appeared in Cucumber No. 58, published on February 15, 2006, was composed by Bui Anh Tuan – Art Director of FSOFT.

Cuder has been in the life of FPT Software (FSOFT) since its launch. Cuder not only appears through cartoons but is also present everywhere from cultural life to the production and business activities of the department.

With a big head and short-sighted glasses, the image of Cuder has a humorous symbolic meaning for FPT Software Developers – the guys who work day and night in the technology field with the numbers 0 and 1 of the binary system, etc. This symbolizes the tireless efforts of FSOFTer.

In 2013, white stone Cuder with a height of 2.4m made by artists Ha Lien Hoang, Tran Van Thuc and a group of workers from Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village – Da Nang was completed and placed on the F-Ville campus in Hoa. Lac, becoming an interesting destination on the FSOFT tour.

Cuder was like a “witness” of FSOFT which witnessed events of FSOFT, so Cuder was accepted and gradually became familiar and friendly as a human and cultural symbol of FSOFT.

Cuder has entered the lives of FSOFTer not only in cartoons of newspapers, but it also appeared everywhere in the way developers called each other; in movies about FSOFT and on signs at restaurants and in the building of departments. Cuder’s image is expressed humorously in the life, production and business activities of the department.

A Japanese customer was interested in this symbol and gave FSOFT employees a mini model.

After F-Ville 1, the Cuder statue also appears at F-Ville 2 and F-Ville 3 with different materials as a symbol of the FSOFT developer’s journey from the village to the capital, global expansion, welcoming new things and developing their limitless potential.

On the 18th anniversary of FJP, Deputy Chairman of FPT Bui Quang Ngoc gave the Cuder statue to the company. The statue is 1.22m high and made of rubies. FJP is the first OB to receive this special gift.

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